Hessians & Highlanders in Scotland 1746
First run of the history and concert production "Hessians & Highlanders in Scotland 1746" on November 23rd anno 2019 at Museum Vulkaneum, Schotten, Hesse, Germany.


A unique two-hours show interweaving live music, history telling and living history display, written and performed by history communicator Christian Tewordt aka “Quest”, with music played by The Rebel’s Menuet (Johanna Wildhack & Quest) and supported by Roidsear Lothair Mac a’Ghobhainn, founder and head of the re-enactment group Jacobite History est. 2010.


The plot consists entirely in a true historical event, the facts are gleaned from the labours of historians Christopher Duffy, author of the book The Best of Enemies, and Angus Fowler who researched at Hessian Staatsarchiv Marburg.


To learn more about award-winning musician Quest, please feel free to visit his website: