Jacobite History

Due to our passion for the culture of the Gaels from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland in the 18th century we decided to start reenacting the Jacobite era. We did and continually do our research on both eighteenth century Highland dress and the social life of the clans in those days. In other words, the love is in the detail.


The culture of the Scottish Highland clans, their traditions and their legends, was never written down, everything was passed on through spoken words and survived in stories, dance and songs. To keep alive all these beautiful things is our aim.


Although our group is named Jacobite History, we do not portray Jacobites as such --- we simply portray the way of life in Scotland, Ireland and England during the Jacobite era.



A Lochaber Clan

Highland Gentry, Lowland Scots, Irish and English Jacobites


In our civilian portrayal we reenact Highland gentry, simply described as low nobility connected by blood to a clan chief, Scots from the Lowlands and Jacobites from Ireland and England. The time frame covers the years from 1725--1762.









Royal Écossois

Highland soldiers in French service


In our military portrayal we reenact the grenadiers of the regiment Royal Écossois, also known as "La compagnie des grenadiers du régiment Royal Écossois". The time frame covers the years from 1744--1762.

Tandem triumphans