Eighteenth Century Tartans

A lot of people share the same dream and would love to wear their own tartan one day. I understand tartan as a beautiful kind of art. The tartan designs I create are for the ones with great sympathy for the culture of the Gaels of the Highlands and Islands.


The service I offer includes tartan design and consultancy, based on my modest knowledge about 18th century tartans, as a result of more than twenty years of research. The basic service fee is € 450,00 and includes the components as follows:


+ Provision knowledge and answering queries regarding the designing process
Tartan design
+ based on historically correct specifications and facts
+ in connection with the wishes of the client
+ mid 18th century style

+ Request and processing of the application form
+ Negotiating the criteria of the design
+ further correspondence with the Register of Scottish Tartans


When registering, please note that a positive decision, by the Register of Scottish Tartans, can not be guaranteed. The registration fee of
£ 70.00 needs to be paid by the client.

Additional design work and / or questions to be clarified will be charged at an hourly rate of Euro 50,00. This option is useful if the client has already created a tartan design and only asks for advice in terms of authenticity.


For more information and service, please visit www.18thcenturytartans.com



Ever Yours in Service,

Yours Aye


R.L. Heil

Tartan Designer



18th century tartans

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